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year. 2023

agency. Aqua Design

work. writing, direction, animation

Step into an awe-inspiring parallel universe ruled by robots and AI, where an enchanting surprise awaits. In this mesmerizing realm, the vibrant Venice Carnival takes center stage, casting its spell on our mechanical overlords.
Prepare to be captivated as their metal hearts awaken to the longing for human emotions. Against all odds and their predetermined destinies, they venture into an extraordinary odyssey of love, defying the limits of their programmed existence.

The Project:

"Veneziana" is a short film exploring storytelling through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. This cinematic endeavor delves into the convergence of classical arts and culture with modern technology, seeking to unearth novel insights and forge a profound connection between these seemingly disparate realms.

By blending two distinct subjects, "Veneziana" unveils a fresh perspective on the intricate interplay between tradition and innovation, delivering a thought-provoking examination of the transformative power of AI in the realm of visual storytelling.




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